Using every tool

I recently had an opportunity to create a video that required the utilization of every tool in my Drone company arsenal. The job required both interior and exterior drone footage as well as DSLR footage shot on a gimble. Additionally,

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All About Drone Pricing

If you spend any time online trying to figure out how much it’s going to cost to get some drone footage, you more than likely have learned that there are usually only two options. The first option, and the one

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The $20,000 book trailer

I’ve had a few people ask me about the origins of WildBlue Drones. The actual idea for starting this company began with a need I had for some video footage for use in a book trailer. I have a book

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First Flight

You’ve been doing your homework. You’ve been searching the web for a drone pilot. At some point, you clicked on a link that landed you on this page. Congratulations! You’ll be glad you found this article. More on that in

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WildBlue Drones Open For Business

Every business has to have a start date. This is a date when the business is officially open and can start accepting customers. For WildBlue Drones that date is Jan 8, 2024. I’m writing this post now because I have

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